Biological Services

At Advantage Biogas, we understand the importance of dedicated biological services to establish and maintain the optimisation of site operation and to ensure that the plant always remains in ‘good health’. 

With the provision of our own in-house biologist we’re able to offera wide range of biological services helping you to achieve the highest gas yields from the AD process. 

Services we offer include:

  • Regular laboratory testing monitoring the main parameter for digester health e.g. pH, dry matter FOS/TAC, VFA specification, ammonium and trace elements

  • Assessment and interpretation of results and recommendations bespoke to each plant. Considerations are based what the plant can do mechanically and the available feed

  • Recording and analysis of operational plant data to monitor trends and performance, downward trends can be swiftly identified and recommendations made to avoid inhibition, downtime or digester failure

  • Recommendations and proposals for feeding and long term feeding plans

  • Testing and analysis of feedstock

  • Supply and recommendation of various additives including trace elements, iron hydroxide or chloride, calcium carbonate and enzymes

  • Advice and recommendation on new builds and plant expansion to ensure the planned size is sufficient for the output required and feedstock available


A typical site visit usually consists of:

  • Basic technology check for any obvious problems or health and safety concerns

  • Inspection of feeds for quality and foreign objects plus recommendations on ensiling or removal of feeds if needed

  • Discussion about the plant performance, what’s needed to achieve target, on-site operational best practices, general health of the plant and recommendations if needed 

  • Sampling of substrates and/or feedstocks

  • Inspection of the substrate layers inside the digester and advice if foaming or dry surface layers are present

We also cover weekly and months reporting referencing all data collected, observations and laboratory results.

A breakdown of the plant performance is included plus a summary of any tasks required to improve site output.
Bespoke service agreements tailored to your exact requirements can also be provided.